Brycen Dorsay

Software Engineering

Using highlight.js with React and Typescript

07 Jun 2021

Highlight.js is a very common way to style code blocks in HTML websites but it's a little tricky to get working with React and Typescript without additional libraries. I wrote a simple module that plays nicely with Typescript without any other dependencies.

How I built this blog

31 May 2021

This blog was originally a Ghost site hosted in Digital Ocean. I wanted a cheaper, simpler solution so I came up with a method of using the Ghost editor and Next.js to publish a static site and still have a nice editor for writing.

Git clone and cd in one command

27 Oct 2019

I made a quick little script to save myself a few keystrokes when working with multiple git repositories.

Prime Spirals

26 Oct 2019

Prime Spirals are an interesting topic to me and I wanted to play around with them in website format. I was dissatisfied with the existing offerings so I decided to make my own... 4 times in 7 years. Try it out here.

AWS VPCs and Docker Networks

26 Oct 2019

I recently ran into an issue where I lost SSH access to one of my primary environments. This issue made me question my career choice but resulted in lessons learned.

Accidentally sharing a volume between Redis containers

26 Oct 2019

I had a misunderstanding of how Docker named volumes work that cost me a lot of time.


05 Jan 2019

I’m a mixed bag Software Engineer living in the best place on earth, Vancouver BC. I am currently working at Bailey Nelson, an eyewear and eye-care company based in Sydney Australia, building both internal systems and customer facing products.